About Bob Arrigo




Bob Arrigo was born in Toronto in 1950. As a very young boy he discovered a natural hunger for the arts. At age sixteen he won his high school’s art award for the most accomplished art student in the school. The award was accompanied by a full tuition grant to attend three years of full time study in fine arts at Toronto’s Central Art School and then on to producing Animation and Cinematography for the next three years at Sheridan College.

After several years working professionally as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist in the music business, Mr. Arrigo came back to his first love, visual arts.  In 1979 he established Arrigo Signs & Graphics Inc., a full service commercial art and sign studio. His exquisite hand lettering, graphic work, and interviews have been featured many times in two of the largest and most established sign trade magazines in the world.  In 1992 he founded MuralArt Artistic Works and since has produced several hundred projects throughout southern Ontario from upscale residential work to 30’x40’ hand painted, exterior wall murals in Toronto’s downtown core.  But in 2005 Mr. Arrigo began taking fine arts seriously and in years since his work can be seen represented by galleries across Canada and the US.  Bob Arrigo is an emerging artist whose impressionistic landscapes and figurative work can now be found in both private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the US, the UK, and Russia.  

“As an artist my style continues to emerge from a melting pot of influences, from the Renaissance masters, to 60’s era pop artists, to the Group of Seven, all extremely diverse in comparison to one another, but I have learned something from them all.  My focus is the installation of strong and dynamic composition, line value and my intent to push a very bright palette.  The influence of my own background injects a decided graphic and stylistic interpretation to what I see before me.  I believe that this world and the drama that unfolds daily in all of our lives should be reflected in the dynamics of the art I create.”