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The INSPIRED LIFE Virtual Challenge has now passed.

A repeat of this challenge, or an extended "Workshop" addressing the same issues is being planned in the near future.


There are several mindset issues that can hinder the development of a creative artist. The INSPIRED LIFE series of live virtual events provide solutions to the ones most responsible for deflating the encouragement and inspiration that is critical for the development of your own unique artistic expression

They are...

  1. Self-doubt: To expect the creation of "perfect" work can lead to self-doubt and procrastination. You may struggle with feeling that your work is never good enough, leading to a fear of taking risks or sharing your creations.

  2. Comparison and self-doubt: Artists often compare themselves to others, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome. This mindset can hinder creative exploration and individuality.

  3. Fear of failure: The fear of making mistakes or not achieving desired outcomes can prevent you from taking risks and experimenting with new techniques or styles. This fear of failure can stifle your creativity and your growth as an artist.

  4. Lack of confidence: Many artists struggle with self-confidence, questioning their artistic abilities and feeling insecure about their work. This lack of confidence can hold you back from fully exploring the potential that your talents hold.

  5. Resistance to criticism: Interpreting criticism as personal attacks or viewing it as a reflection of your self-worth is wrong. This challenge will change that perspective.

These mindset issues are common among artists.

Developing self-awareness and actively working on overcoming these challenges can significantly contribute

to an artist's growth and development.

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