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Life Without Paint?

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like without paint? This is my first blog

so please indulge me for just a moment and let me explain the crazy winding course of my

career in visual arts. Without any embellishment or unnecessary details here's my history in a capsule.

Five years of fine art training beginning at age 16. In my twenties I began hand lettering vehicle graphics (there were no computer driven vinyl cutting machines back then), hand lettered signage and pictorial work for theatre backgrounds and TV. Next up I established a mural company for high profile large format (35'x45' second story level) air brushed mural projects in Toronto's downtown core, and this followed by five years of high end residential murals, trompe l'oeil and custom faux finishing. Somehow this let me to performance art with live speed painting at corporate events and fundraisers, then at last I came full circle back to fine art about 14 years ago and still remained at least partially sane. Thank God someone decided to create paint or who knows what I would have done with my life!

Now for the good part (and this is where you come in), I have redesigned my original web site so I could more easily connect with you and all the art lovers I have met over the years. Hopefully my paintings with serve to inspire you if you are a painter, encourage you if you are a novice or just make you feel good as you admire the art.

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